Failure is Opportunity 失敗就是機會
詞:Alice Zhao
曲:Alice Zhao
影像製作:Alice Zhao

From February to April of 2021, I joined an online Compose Group of young Chinese professionals in America to write songs. Meeting weekly through Zoom, we learned a vast treasure-hold of information: introduction to music theory and music production, church music history, practical tips on composing, etc. Our challenge was to write two songs every 4 weeks: one solo and one collaborative. “Failure is Opportunity” was my solo work. I had already been brainstorming before the season began, and when the first day started, I spent almost all day researching and writing out rough drafts. I wanted to write a song that spoke to me: encouraging myself to get back up again when life hits the hardest. Yes, I made mistakes, innumerable and regrettable, but I want to stand up and keep on fighting. There may come a day when I can share more details of my struggles, but suffice it to say, it has not been pretty. Over the course of the next few weeks, somehow writing the verse flowed very smoothly, very few mistakes or redos. You may see it is a darker part, and that was truly the state of my heart at the time. Even though I was the one writing this, I could not get out of the pit of despair, and none of any of the pre-chorus, chorus, or bridge ever rang true for me. Without knowing any of my background, editor Esther listened and very wisely commented how I was not truly feeling the true hope and light from God, and advised me to step back, reflect, and pray more. After we both prayed together and I stepped back from writing for a couple days, re-evaluating my emotions and my current situation, I was able to have a breakthrough and finish the song. It is obviously nowhere near perfect, but I am feeling more and more confident in God and his everlasting love and mercy towards me. My song was later selected to be produced, and Ming Chen plus the rest of the group helped to create the sounds of guitars, drums, added on to my initial voice, piano, and pads. Through the process of writing, recording, producing, and most importantly praying and breakthrough, I have grown closer to God and have had fresh revelation about our daily walk with Him. I know on this earth I may never be perfect, but as I continue to strive for excellence, yet rest in his infinite mercy, I know God’s face will shine on me. Thank you all collaborators for what you've done to help make my song what it is today. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to create a new song with you all, and hope to write even more in the future. Thank you GoodTV for the chance to share my song with everyone.

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